The MISO Golden Baton Recognition Award is given annually by the board of directors of the Miami Symphony Orchestra to an outstanding member of our community in recognition for his/ her invaluable contribution for the arts and culture in South Florida. Initiated in 2014 the award has been given to Judit Drucker, Mark Rosenberg, Michael Spring, Eduardo Padrón and now Emilio Estefan in 2018.
The Miami Symphony Orchestra honors our second recipient of the “MISO GOLDEN BATON RECOGNITION AWARD” to Mark Rosenberg

The “MISO Golden Baton Recognition Award ” annually honors an outstanding member of our community.

This time we honor Dr. Rosenberg for been an for a life of achievements in our community.

As president of Florida International University (FIU), Mark B. Rosenberg has made FIU the face of the country's future in higher education demographics, being a majority-minority institution that leads the country in the production of minority degrees in the sciences and engineering.

Dr. Rosenberg has served as the fifth president of FIU since August 2009. A political scientist specializing in Latin America, Dr. Rosenberg is the first FIU faculty member to ascend to the university's presidency.

He is a first-generation college graduate whose two children are graduates of FIU.

Under his leadership as president, FIU has increased enrollment to almost 54,000 students, improved graduation rates by nearly 10%, and hired over 500 new faculty.